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Methods to Transform Your CV from “Nah” to “Wow”

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According to Jacqui Barnett-Poindexter, career expert at Glassdoor, there are 5 tips to save your job application from being thrown away.

  1. Would I Hire Myself?

Have a look at your CV and ask yourself this question. If you say yes, then try to think about that there are 1000 applications apart from yours and ask the question once again. Is your answer still the same now?

  1. Be the Red Balloon Among the Yellows

Most of those 1000 people accomplished similar things like you during their whole lives. Somehow you must show that you are different. Think about it; what makes you different than others?

  1. Bring Your Unique Parts Forward

Explain your previous professional experiences, give examples. You may have done miracles in your previous work, but we cannot know unless you tell us about it. But be careful; no lies. Tell your own truths; not the life of a stranger.

  1. Take the CV Sample Only As a Sample

You don’t have to fill the CV templates you found on Google exactly the same. Not every CV template can be suitable for your resume and what you’ve accomplished. Take those templates as a starting point and leave the rest to your imagination.

  1. Read!

When you think that your CV is done, read it once again all the way from the beginning to the end carefully. Check if you made any spelling or punctuation error. After completing this, read it again in the same way. You may see the missed parts you couldn’t see while reading. Such failures can overrun the content of your CV and may be enough for it to be thrown away.

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