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Career Strategy: Try to create more “I’m glad I did” moments

We tend to be more sensual and questioning the life, especially in Autumn.  That gloomy weather must have something to do with our mood, as well. As we go deeper in questioning, we bring the “if only” sentences. We take our little regrets and make mountains of them saying they are “the biggest mistake of our lives”. Yes, it is actually hard to go back on certain issues or take them back. We would love to use “ctrl + Z” command in our lives, too but what’s done is done in most of the cases. Whereas, it shouldn’t be this strict when it comes to career. It’s never too late, there is always a U turn. You only need to leave your regrets behind and start looking forward. Okumaya devam et

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Methods to Transform Your CV from “Nah” to “Wow”

According to Jacqui Barnett-Poindexter, career expert at Glassdoor, there are 5 tips to save your job application from being thrown away.


  1. Would I Hire Myself?

Have a look at your CV and ask yourself this question. If you say yes, then try to think about that there are 1000 applications apart from yours and ask the question once again. Is your answer still the same now? Okumaya devam et

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Ways to Change Job without Burning the Bridges

Many of us must have heard that “the best salary increase is when you start to work”. Maybe that’s why more than half of job-seekers are actually those who are already working. I can get to this conclusion by considering my friends and the candidates coming to our company for an interview. Especially, with common use of social media and willingness to expand the network via such platforms as LinkedIn, the frequency in getting job offers from unexpected places has also increased. This social media era has its perks; however, it also has a disadvantage about confidentiality. Okumaya devam et

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Is There Anything You Want to Ask?



When I ask this question to the candidates and they only thank me and say “you already explained everything in detail”, it is nice but I can’t stop the urge to say “we both know that you have hundreds of questions in your mind” and actually I expect them to ask something for me to say “wow that’s a really good question”. Because this stage is also a part of the interview and it will provide me to understand how much you are interested in this job. Okumaya devam et

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What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Even if you have never been asked before, you will definitely get one day during an interview: What are your strengths and weaknesses?


The answer to this question will not be a copy-paste one. I do think the HR expert must know that he/she shouldn’t think like “Hmm, he/she is a perfectionist” when you define yourself as a perfectionist 🙂 Okumaya devam et

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Your CV is Your Trailer – No Show, No Audience!

I decided to write what I think about this issue for a long time upon the blog post of Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit and Dozuki – software and repair companies, on Harvard Business Review. When I saw Wiens’ approach, I realized that I am actually not that cruel. Okumaya devam et