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Is There Anything You Want to Ask?

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When I ask this question to the candidates and they only thank me and say “you already explained everything in detail”, it is nice but I can’t stop the urge to say “we both know that you have hundreds of questions in your mind” and actually I expect them to ask something for me to say “wow that’s a really good question”. Because this stage is also a part of the interview and it will provide me to understand how much you are interested in this job. That is why I don’t think the candidate is actually interested in the job and company when asking “Where is the prayer room?” after I talked non-stop for 10 minutes about so many details on the job description and working system of the company.

But what are the smart questions?

You can create the best questions by observing the company, its place in the sector, its progress in years and its opponents before going to have an interview. Then you can spontaneously ask about the subjects addressed by the interviewer. Here are some question examples according to news:

  • What do you expect from me to have succeeded on my 60th and 90th day after I start working here?
  • What are the working system and capabilities of your employees that you call “the best ones”?
  • What are your employees doing during their spare times?
  • As the company, what are your plans to overcome the issue about … ? (at this point you should find out the problem with your research; i.e. the fast attack by the most powerful opponent recently)

There was a candidate asking me a very creative question: “Where is the person now who started 3 years ago as having the same knowledge and experience that I currently have?”

These are just a few examples. It is you who will create your own question template and define the subject you are curious about.

One thought on “Is There Anything You Want to Ask?

  1. The biggest problem about asking good question in this step is trust bias. Candidate dosen’t sure if he or she will hired or not. When HR representative ask this question anybody may think that they want to finish the interview and probably they won’t call. Candidates should keep their enhusiasm in any condition. Then they will surely find the best question to ask.

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