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What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

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Even if you have never been asked before, you will definitely get one day during an interview: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The answer to this question will not be a copy-paste one. I do think the HR expert must know that he/she shouldn’t think like “Hmm, he/she is a perfectionist” when you define yourself as a perfectionist 🙂 The important thing here is how much you know about yourself, whether you look at yourself critically and objectively and what you are doing to strengthen your strengths more and improve your weaknesses.

Let’s say that you really don’t know the answer for this question and you have never thought about it before. Now you cannot define it, yet you need some titles, at least. You can make these definitions by asking yourself a couple of questions.

For example, when and for what do you get excited? You may have a “stage freight” and that maybe your weakness if you get excited while making a presentation your team, for example. But you shouldn’t directly say that you have it. What I mean is that you can say “I’ve been getting assistance from an expert on public speaking since I realized it is my weakness and now I make a presentation for my family on a subject we choose once every week and I think I’ve made a good progress since last year.” Of course you must have had this story to tell it, because lying is no better than saying never.

Another question is, what are you doing different than everyone else? For example, you are working in a call center and it is always you who can calm and convince the most nervous clients that nobody else could. Now this is one of your strongest parts.

Remember, such an answer as “no” will make people think about you as an arrogant person when asked your weaknesses, and saying “I can’t think of one right now” will show you’re not ready and you don’t know anything about yourself…

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