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“You know the turnover rate is high in our sector.”

The most common phrase we hear for the staff circulation or labour cycle, and I think that is because it is more charming as it is not a Turkish phrase, is “turnover rate”. Turnover is a bad thing. It’s a good thing that it is low. If it goes up, then we should be panicking and questioning “what’s going on, where are the workers going, why are they leaving?!”

For the ones who heard for the first time, “Turnover 101: Introduction to Turnover” part is over. Okumaya devam et

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10 Ways to Like Your Job Even If You Do Not Love It

  1. Try to change your task definition: If you like your job generally, but only have a few little issues that you cannot tolerate anymore, share your thoughts with your manager to make changes. If possible, ask for a new task sharing.


  1. Take part in different projects and teams: If you are bored of always working with the same teammate or if one of those colleagues is the reason why you do not like your job, create an opportunity to work with your new colleagues.

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The Influence of Big Data Concept on Human Resources

big-data-hrNowadays, if you are interested in technological developments even as an HR professional, it would be surprise not to hear the concept of big data while everybody is talking about it all over the world. From marketing to sales, all business departments is running after big data to be faster than the competitors to reach and process

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