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Career Strategy: Try to create more “I’m glad I did” moments

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We tend to be more sensual and questioning the life, especially in Autumn.  That gloomy weather must have something to do with our mood, as well. As we go deeper in questioning, we bring the “if only” sentences. We take our little regrets and make mountains of them saying they are “the biggest mistake of our lives”. Yes, it is actually hard to go back on certain issues or take them back. We would love to use “ctrl + Z” command in our lives, too but what’s done is done in most of the cases. Whereas, it shouldn’t be this strict when it comes to career. It’s never too late, there is always a U turn. You only need to leave your regrets behind and start looking forward.

Priscilla Claman, career strategy coach, have the recommendations on this issue below: Try to think “I didn’t do it like this back in then, but what would happen if I do it now?”, “what if I choose that field now”, than saying “wish I didn’t do it like that”, “I shouldn’t have chosen that field.”

The only benefit of regret is that you notice your mistake. It is never too late to correct the failures in your career strategy. You’ve always wanted to become a painter, but your family insisted for you to study Law and you’re now an unhappy 30-year-old lawyer? Stop staying “I wish I never chose studying Law” and ask yourself “What happens if I take my first step now to paint professionally?”, then open Google and search for art schools. If it seems like a financial burden to you, try to find what you can do in those schools; it is a long shot but maybe you can find a painting workshop looking for a lawyer. You will start to have painting lessons and also earn money with your profession you studied for years. This means you will be able to practice painting the way you like.

Career strategy can always be adapted if you want it good enough. Don’t think like “I put so much effort, studied on this. All this in vain?”. Those experiences contributed you so many things that you didn’t even notice. Maybe, if you didn’t do any of this, you wouldn’t have the courage and vision you have now.

Go and take the first step to get closer to your dream.

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