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10 Ways to Like Your Job Even If You Do Not Love It

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  1. Try to change your task definition: If you like your job generally, but only have a few little issues that you cannot tolerate anymore, share your thoughts with your manager to make changes. If possible, ask for a new task sharing.
  1. Take part in different projects and teams: If you are bored of always working with the same teammate or if one of those colleagues is the reason why you do not like your job, create an opportunity to work with your new colleagues.

  1. Create synergy: If you think you create wonders with someone, collaborate with him.
  1. Try switching to a different team or department: If you have a problem with your job totally, if you start by thinking that the finance is right for you, but now you say “Sales is my real job”, then switch to the department that would make you happy. I have many long-term banker friends who found happiness in Human Resources.
  1. Find a confidant: You should trust someone, you cannot tell everything to everybody, but in an emergency situation you can talk to someone you can trust inside or outside of the office, or at least you can have a notebook which you are sure that nobody will see.
  1. Make more time for yourself: If you go home evenings after work, probably just the way makes you feel exhausted. However, every evening for one hour before sleep, read a book, a magazine, or watch a movie, and then wake up and go to work fresh and rested in the mornings.
  1. Eat healthy, play sports: Yes, fast food is more delicious for many of us than spinach, but your body will replenish if you eat healthy at least one meal per day. If you walk on teh seaside for half an hour per day or play sport on an area you like, you will have the opportunity to listen yourself and get rid of your negative thoughts.
  1. Talk to your manager if you have a problem with your working hours: Companies in Turkey are gradually starting flexible working hours. If you are working in these kinds of the companies or if you have a manager who listens to you, do not hesitate to talk. For example, one of my neighbor who is a working mother is suffering from this problem. Her child’s school service comes after she goes to work, but she does not want to leave her child alone. In such a case, if the work does not need to be very punctual, she can offer her manager the idea of “starting work half an hour late in the morning and finishing work half an hour late in the evening”.
  1. Decorate your office: If you are not comfortable with your seat, bring a pillow, if the wall is too empty, put 2 photos, a favorite table calendar, change your desktop background, stay away from the radiator/air conditioner if it is too hot or cold. If there are not lots of extra bans and rules, you can easily decorate your office for yourself.
  1. Clean your desktop and your mail box: Do not leave unread email that would strain you and your eyes. You can create folders for clean and tidy desktop.

Adapted from the article of Forbes editor Deborah L. Jacobs. You can read that article in Forbes website.

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